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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Swan Shot Dead.

The day before we arrived at Kilby Bridge a swan was shot out of the sky on Monday 23rd February. Alison the mooring warden's wife told us that a swan had been shot and killed. It's mate was found close by and is now being looked after by the Foxton Wildlife Rescue. If anyone has any information they should contact the RSPCA. The swan was killed at Kilby Bridge, on the Welford Road, Wigston.

A fisherman heard a loud bang about lunch time, he then saw the swan fall from the sky into a field close to the Navigation Inn at Kilby Bridge. The male swan was later found with a wound to the stomach and through the wing, which is suspected to have been caused by a shotgun pellet. The dead swan’s mate, who was flying alongside him, was found uninjured and sitting next to his body, she was taken to Foxton Wildlife Rescue.

As many know swans tend to stay with the same mate for life, so this is very tragic. It seems though that this female has already got her sights set on a new mate at the centre. Once the centre has monitored her for a while they will release her into a family of swans, and lets hope that she lives a long and happy life.

Those responsible for the swans death if found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to this beautiful creature, could face a maximum six-month prison sentence and/or a £20,000 fine under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Killing or injuring wild birds is also prohibited under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and carries a separate punishment of six months in prison and/or a £5,000 fine. I sincerely hope that someone is caught for this and punished.


Maureen said...

Oh, how horrible! What possesses people to be such idiots? A senseless act that makes me ashamed to be a human some days.

Nb Yarwood said...

I will gladly volunteer to shoot the miscreant? What an ar****le!

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Maureen. I sometimes wonder about people these days. And like you I really hate being part of the human race.

Hi Lesley. You may have to join the queue for that LOL. It is so sickening what some people will do. I just hope that the Pen will find happiness again. Why on earth would anyone want to shot such a majestic bird is beyond me. But unfortunately we live in a word, where their are people who care nothing for others.