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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crick Boat Show

We have just got back from visiting the Crick Boat Show. We were offered a lift there, which we gladly accepted. It was a little damp, but we enjoyed it as we got to meet lots of our friends and had some good old chinwags with them all. Jo managed to pick up some porthole laces, some proper spider webs ones, which look really nice. She has been looking out for some for a few years now. I spotted a windy Klaxon, but it wasn't really what I was looking for at the price he was asking. It was nice to see the historic boats allowed back into the marina. We did notice though that the number of stalls is definitely done, as was the number of sales boats in the marina, I think this may be why they allowed the historic boats in to fill up some of the empty spaces!


Unknown said...

I just LOVE boat shows--can't keep me away. In the end, I always come back to our Steadfast and tell her I love her best. Rosemary

Keith Lodge said...
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Keith Lodge said...

Hi Rosemary. We like to attend the small boat festivals. Crick would not be our main choice, because it costs so much. Just to moor Hadar on the towpath, they want £95 and then a further £32 for Keith and I to get into the show for the weekend, so we have not bothered to go, but we were offered a lift by friends, so thought it would be nice to see what they had on offer. None of the exhibition boats were to our taste. We are working boat people through and through and will always love Hadar the best. Hope your enjoying the weekend. Jo

stevebethere said...

Hi i like your pics on your blog, i read you was at Little Venice great that you made it on tv, i live just down the road from Little Venice i love walking down there on nice days.

Good luck with your travels

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Steve, we love being at Little Venice when w e can get there, we were not there this year, but the year before. We look forward to the next time we are down that way.