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Friday, May 14, 2010

The skipper is home.

Hadar's skipper is back home and is at the moment pain free. Keith has to wait for biospy results, which should be ready in 2 weeks, having had another cystoscopy, so we will not be moving just yet. He also had another procedure done on his Prostate, and time will tell if it has worked. So glad to have him back onboard. Yesterday was a busy old day for us both. I was so grateful to our friend Tina for taking us to and from the hospital, also for her staying with me throughout the day, as I waited for the phone call from the hospital to say Keith could come home. Tina and I actually had a girlie afternoon, with lunch at the Waterfront and a stroll around the Market Harborough shops, which was very enjoyable. All this was happening whilst poor Keith was going through his ordeal, but at last we finally feel he maybe making some progress, after all these months. We are seeing the GP on Monday to find out what is in the letter the hospital has given us and, if he is still pain free, we need to start taking him slowly off of the pain killers, which will be fantastic. So keep watching this space for further updates.


Amy said...

Glad things are looking up for Keith. All the best to you both.

Amy and James
NB Lucky Duck

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Amy.
Thank you for your message.


Karen Whittal said...

Great news I will continue to keep you both in my prayers