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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Nice Day Out.

Yesterday we told you all that we went to the Crick Boat Show and that we bought some porthole lace. Well I thought you may like to see a photograph of the Spider Web lace in place. We are chuffed with our purchases. If you are looking for Porthole Lace give Sylvia Hankin a try at Artist of the Waterways.

Today (Sunday) we got to go out with friends Viv and David on NB First Fruits. It was Viv's birthday and so we went to Launde Abbey. In the photograph below you need to look past the scaffolding to see the real beauty of the place. It is in a stunning location in the heart of the East Midlands. Thankfully the weather was much improved from yesterday. Today we had sunshine and a gusty wind.

We spent time wandering around the gardens and the chapel, which is really stunning. All the local churches supplied flower displays and in the grounds stalls were set up selling crafty things, plants etc. The Abbey has an amazing walled garden and in the walled garden they have a couple of green houses. One of then has cacti in them and it was a bit like the day of the triffids. The cacti were enormous.

Having enjoyed an excellent morning strolling around the Abbey and gardens, we settled down under a gazebo to enjoy a buffet lunch, before heading back the scenic way to the basin and a cuppa onboard on NB First Fruits. We really did have a fantastic day with Viv and David, so a special thank you to them both for taking us out.

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Maureen said...

Now that sounds like a wonderful day! (without the Triffids that is...) ;)

Lovely place.