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Saturday, May 01, 2010

We are a Mouse Mat.

This morning Keith and I decided to walk down into the town for some exercise and to pick up some new paint brushes. Whilst down the town we noticed signs up for a Crafts and Arts Fair near Joules Eating House, so on the way back to the boat we wandered in to have a nose around and this was what we found on the Piggin Perfick Stall. Hadar is now being used as a Mouse Mat. The photograph was taken on the 200th Anniversary Cruise from Foxton to Market Harborough in October 2009. If we had not gone in to the Fair we would never have seen it or bought it. £2.50 does not seem like a lot for a Mouse Mat, especially as it has Hadar on it. Piggin Perfick does limited edition products, Photographic and quilting, sadly they do not have a website.

We also found this large copper kettle and just had to buy it, it was a bargain and a lot older than our existing one which we bought at the 2006 Crick Boat Show. Keith washed it and Jo polished it and very smart it looks too glistening and gleaming on our stove in the boatman's cabin.


Karen Whittal said...

Love this kind of craft market, one mans rubbish is another mans treasure........

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Karen.
That is so true. The Copper Kettle was a real find.
I could spend all day walking around junk shops and arcades.

Rusty said...

Many years ago I read an article in the National Geographic about these historic canals and long boats. When I happened upon your blog I knew I wanted to follow this up. What a story! Wonderful. Speaking of visiting Montreal, please follow me back and drop into my blog for a visit. It's mostly about the animals that frequent a suburban back yard. I hope you will enjoy their advetures. ATB!

Keith Lodge said...

Morning Rusty.

The history of our canals is amazing. We are very proud of what the canal builders did all those years ago. Many of the locks built back then are still in use today. It shows that something built 200 years ago, still works. If you ever get the chance to take a narrowboat holiday, I am sure you will have a wonderful time. I am now about to come and see your blog. Jo