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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Bartington to Preston Brook.

Map picture

Preston Brook

A dull morning saw us heading for Preston Brook. This is the bridge that we walked to from Dutton Locks on the Weaver.


Approaching Dutton dry dock, then Dutton stop lock,.


Leaving Dutton stop lock.


Our arrival at Preston Brook tunnel was well timed, you can travelled northbound through the tunnel on the hour until 10 mins past, we arrived at the tunnel at 10:05am, perfect!


Unfortunately our tunnel lamp failed to work so I had to rely on the front navigation lamp, which was just bright enough to manage. Always good to have a back-up! We then pulled into the moorings at Midland Chandlers to pick up some essentials.


Then we headed into the Runcorn Arm to use the sanitary station alongside the marina.


We then winded and headed back out of the Runcorn arm and headed north again, but not very far, just a bit further along from where we moored for the 2005 IWA National Rally, which we attended on Misty Lady, before Hadar was built.


We have been joined here by Scooby & Rita on Festina Lente, and we had coffee and a long chat with them after lunch.


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