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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Marple Bottom Lock to New Mills

Map picture

New Mills (2)

An earlyish start, well at least we were the first up the flight, and good thing too because the first pound up was low and Jo had to run water down through the next 3 pounds.


The Marple flight is a very pretty set of locks.


Then we got to lock 12, and could not close one of the bottom gates. I could fell something there with my pole but could not shift it. I tried the magnet, but it was not magnetic, whatever it was, so we rang C&RT and awaited the men to arrive.


Once they arrived a plan was hatched. First they let some water down into the lock as I was now sitting on the bottom, once Hadar was floating I reversed and picked up one of the C&RT on the bow and reversed until the bow was level with the gates.


He first attempted to get the obstruction out using our keb, which didn’t work.


Next he directed Jo to use their grappling hook, and on her 2nd attempt she hooked it and dragged it out, it was a traffic cone.


Only delayed us by 2 hours but we were on the move again and the 2 C&RT men helped us up through the locks, which was very much appreciated.


At Marple junction we thanked them and headed off down the upper Peak Forest canal.


One of the swing bridges on this stretch.


The weather improved throughout the day, despite the weather forecast!


It had been a longish day, but interesting.


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