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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Mills to Marple.

Map picture


Wall to wall sunshine as we set off this morning, and very blue skies.




Approaching Marple junction.


For the first time since being here with Hadar there was space at the visitor moorings so we pulled in, moored up, and headed into Marple before having lunch.




As we were walking back to the canal we saw this badger walking along the pavement towards us, by the time I got my camera out it had spotted us, turned and was scuttling back to whence it had come from.


This is the very first badger either of us has ever seen in the wild, albeit in a town! It had got to about 10ft from us before it realised we were in it’s path.



Mike and Poppy said...

That would possibly have been an old male badger - driven out from the sett by a new Alpha male. Especially if there were signs of having been in a fight on it!

Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Wow! How lucky for you and Jo to see a wild badger. Like you I have never seen one in the flesh. If the badger cull goes ahead I don't suppose I ever will.
Enjoy your stay at Marple.
Happy cruising,

Keith Lodge said...

I was too busy trying to get my camera out of my pocket and turned on to see if it had been fighting, but you could be right. It was well into the town so the sett must be in someones garden I would guess. Only thing we haven't seen now is an otter, but I am sure that will come soon.

Mike and Poppy said...

The only time I ever saw an Otter in the wild was on the Ashby canal three years ago. I reported my sightings at the time and I was told that they were aware of them but did not want to make it too well known.