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Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Islington Marina

Map picture

Situated between the Rochdale and Ashton canals, the new “New Islington Marina” is a very useful stopping place in Manchester.  A plan of the marina can be downloaded here. There are visitor moorings which can be accessed from either canal, although there is no through connection. The boaters facilities are directly accessible from the Rochdale canal side, but can be accessed by foot from the Ashton side. The marina is part of an on-going redevelopment scheme, and more building works are scheduled for the future. Here are some photos of the marina as it is at present.



Looking across to the Park area on the western side of the marina.


The marina entrance from the Rochdale canal.


Part of the Park area, Paddy likes this area.


The existing arm with further serviced moorings.


These 2 swing bridges will access 2 further arm for moorings, yet to be built.


The Ashton canal side as seen from Old Mill Street which divides the 2 parts of the marina.


The visitor moorings on the Ashton canal side.


The lift bridge which gives access from the Ashton canal.


Today Old Mill Street was being used as part of the route for the Manchester Sky Ride.



We have moved out from the serviced moorings this afternoon, to the visitor moorings so we can get an early start tomorrow morning without waking all the residential boat owners. Jo made good use of being connected to a shore line and got lots of washing and drying done, and vacuumed through the boat. The batteries have had a good top up too!


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