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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Full English Breakfast

A rare occurence for this blog, an entry by Keith, lol.

Now we are in our 23rd day of being frozen in, we have been keeping ourselves amused in various ways, one of which is listening to our local radio station HarboroughFM and attempting, sometimes successfully, to enter the various competitions throughout the day, all for fun. But starting on Monday 11th January they were offering the chance to win 2 free English Breakfasts at the Bell Inn in Market Harborough as an introduction to the newly refurbished premises. All anyone had to do was to phone, text or email their name and phone number to the radio station, to be drawn twice during the day. I sent mine in, and it was drawn in the afternoon! What a surprise, especially for Jo as she hadn't known I had entered, and first discovered I had when it was announced on the radio that we had won.

Following a call from the station we had to go to the studio to collect our vouchers, which we did the following day, yesterday. We got to meet Dave Smith again, who we had first met before Christmas at the turning the Christmas lights on. He was in the middle of his show at the time, but he showed us how the studio worked. A big difference from when I helped on Harefield Hospital radio back in the 70's. Not a record or cd in sight, everything is stored in computers, music, jingles etc.

Moley, the presenter who's program follows on from Dave's, and who is also the station manager, also showed us around the rest of the studio complex, including the news studio, which is slightly larger than our bathroom! We chatted for quite a while, well I did anyway, because he was fascinated with some of the stories I was coming out with about life on the canal.

We had a lovely time there and now look forward to our Full English Breakfasts at the Bell Inn, we just have to decide when we are going there, we have till the end of the month.

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