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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There and back again.

Yesterday we delivered some coal to a customer and then set off from our mooring, with a view to making it to Foxton. Keith and I were actually really happy to be moving, but that was short lived. Despite Market Harborough Basin and a short stretch of the canal being ice free, that did not last and it was not long before we hit ice 1/2 inch thick to begin with. But it was not long before the thickness grew and grew until by the time we reach the Union Canal Society moorings some 2 hours later, the ice was 3 inches thick and we had to pull in and moor up. We had done just over a mile in that 2 hours and our trip was over. Still we did have a different view for one day, because this morning we made the decision to wind and move back to Market Harborough. The main reason for this decision was Keith's health. He was again experiencing pain, so we thought staying where we were was not a good idea for getting to the doctors. Not only that with the ice so thick we would not be able to make Foxton for a good few days and Keith has to be at the hospital on Friday morning. So we winded Hadar and made our way back to the mooring we had left yesterday. Having moored up Keith rang our GP, who contacted the hospital to see if they would take him in, which they would not, as they need to do more tests on him, the doctor at the hospital suggested upping his pain relief, so we went down to the GP's to collect some anti-inflammatories and some Morphine. It has to be said that our GP is not impressed with the way the hospital is treating Keith. I hope that when we go to the hospital on Friday, we may make some progress, because the pain that Keith is in, is making his life miserable. It looks like we may have to stay put for a while, partly because of the ice, but also because of Keith's health. Getting him sorted is the most important thing at the moment.

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