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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Full English Breakfast

This was one of the 2 very scrummy Full English Breakfasts served at the Bell Inn in Market Harborough which we won from the local radio station HarboroughFM which we enjoyed this morning. We are looking forward to trying one of their Curry Nights which they have on a Tuesday night.


Daisymoo said...

I am salivating as I stare at the photo - man I can't remember the last time I had full english....

Keith Lodge said...

Good morning Daisymoo.
It tasted as good as it looked. It was a real treat for us to have a breakfast cooked for us. Normal Keith does the cooked breakfasts and they are usually grilled and poached. Not only that we had no washing up to do ;0)

Bill Rodgers said...

In September of '09, I had the pleasure of vacationing in your fine land. Every day started with a "full English breakfast." The energy it gave me, meant I could spend all day driving, walking and sightseeing without eating a major meal until dinner that evening. (we did stop for scones and tea everyday at 4pm to be totally honest.) Managed to loose 4 lbs. in 8 days and came home with some great memories. NO ONE in the US makes a breakfast like the English.

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Bill.
I am so pleased you enjoyed your vacation over in the UK. As you have said. No one does a breakfast like us Brits and yes it certainly does set you up for the day.
A little of what you fancy never does you any harm, so we have a cooked breakfast every now and again.
I hope you will come and have another vacation in the UK and who knows you may spot us on the canal.
Kind regards.

Del and Al said...

Hi both
Wow...well done for winning that. It looks well scrummy and always tastes better when it's free lol !! xx

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Del and Al. We do not win anything very often, so it was actually quite exciting to win, even though it was just a breakfast. It tasted fantastic and really set us both up for the day. xx