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Friday, January 15, 2010

Still going no where.

Hi Everyone.

The thaw has begun, but it is not enough for us to get underway. This morning we had heavy rain, but that is now just sitting on top of the ice on the canal and on the towpath, making it very slippery under foot. The pool where the swans and ducks have been lodging, has grown so they can now move about much easier, but the rest of the ice is still thick and unforgiving. I decided to take a walk, to collect some sticks for the back stove, because at night once I have made the fire up, I put a layer of sticks on top of the coal, which helps to keep the fire in at night. I walked back along the canal from the Union Canal Society Moorings. The canal is still frozen solid and the towpath is very dodgy under foot. I did manage to find a few sticks along the towpath. What was lovely was looking across the fields and seeing snow still lying. The rain had not washed it all away.
I think it is going to be a good few days yet, before we will be able to get moving. But they forecast almost tropical temperatures over the weekend. It should get up to +6 c, so we may see some improvement then.


Del and Al said...

Hi both
If you're anything like us I bet your feet are itching like mad at the moment! Think the thaw is on it's way but that ice is going to take some time to go I think. Take care xx

Keith Lodge said...

Hiya. Wow that is spooky. I have just been reading your blog and here you are on ours.
Yes we are looking forward to moving. But we cannot move to far, as Keith has to go to the hospital on the 22nd January. It is sad to see the snow go, but who knows it may come back ;0). Hopefully we will see you soon. Jo x