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Thursday, May 20, 2010

National TV Fame at Last

For those who were fortunate enough to be watching the BBC's "The One Show" tonight you will have been pleasantly surprised to have seen the above photo being shown. They had requested people to send in photos of people with their trophies, so Jo sent our photo taken of us last year at the Little Venice Canal Cavalcade after we had won the Vic Trott Trophy for best dressed boat people, with us in our costumes standing on the stern of Hadar moored up in the pool. We were amazed to see them show it. What was truly amazing was that their guest was Hayley Mills who was Keith's childhood sweetheart.


Vlad said...

Very interesting!Thanks.

Paul (form Waterway Routes) said...

It's not so long since you won a radio competition is it? Then on televeision. What are you doing for a hat trick?

I hope both of you are soon recovered and cruising again.

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Paul.

Yes we won a Full English Breafast each from Hfm the local radio. Well you say about the hat trick. We have just been sent a photograph of us on Hadar at Little Venice last year. The photo is in a new book by Derek Pratt called London's Waterway's. I then got told by a school friend, that our photo also appears in the Civic Centre Reading, which must have been something to do with us being at the Reading Water Festival. So where do we collect our royalties???? hahaha

Unknown said...

It is so nice to have found your blog. I am now a follower, and a fellow-boater. Your boat gets to travel places I've never been, but would like to. Now I can do it vicariously thru your blog. Our boat, Steadfast, cruises the Bahamas in the winter months for purely recreational pursuits. Currently it is in cold storage waiting until hurricane season ends, and then it is back to the boating life for me. Can't wait!
Have a great "Victoria Day Weekend". Rosemary

Keith Lodge said...

Good morning Rosemary. Welcome onboard. it is always lovely to hear from fellow boaters from near or a far. Cruising in the Bahamas sounds lovely. At the moment we are having Bahamas weather it is lovely and hot. Have added you to my follow list so that I can pop in from time to time, to see how your doing.

Del and Al said...

ooooo didn't see Thursday's prog but with watch on i-player. Bet you were dead excited!!!! x

Keith Lodge said...

Hey Del and Al. I never expected it to be shown hahaha. I have always thought these things are fixed. I guess I was wrong, because they did show us. The phone was red hot hahahaha. Was exciting, not often you get to see yourself on TV as you well know hahaha. Jo x